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inhouse training
SUPPLY CHAIN New CPIM Part-2 Master Instructor-led training (4-in-1, including MPR, DSP, ECO, SMR)

APICS New CPIM Part 2 - (4 in 1), including traditional MPR, DSP, ECO, SMR. Module 1: Strategic Management of Resources (SMR) Developing a Business Strategy. Module 2: Master Planning of Resources (MPR). Module 3: Detailed Scheduling and Planning (DSP). Module 4: Execution and Control of Operations (ECO)
May 15 - 22, 2019 Hongkong HKD27,000.00

AEO Corporate Customs Risk Management and Establishment of Internal Audit Mechanism

Enterprise credit management measures have come into operation since May 1st, 2018. More enterprises get recertification as AEO. Meanwhile, according to the customs, AEO enterprise will be re-certified every 3 years. Generally speaking, enterprises re-authenticate from time to time to ensure daily import and export business go on well, which is an extremely difficult task. What measures should be done to ensure your business comply with customs supervision requirements? How to make self-audit to protect you from being punished for violating the law? How to lower the knock-on effect causing from "Carelessness"? How collaboration between import and export business with departments truly meet the requirements of AEO certification? ... All the questions could be summed up to customs risk management and the establishment of internal audit system. Based on the AEO requirement and typical cases of related industries, the training will provide the practical solutions to prevent, audit and control customs risk.
May 16 - 17, 2019 Shanghai

Crisis Public Relations Management in the Social Media Era

Looking back 2018, you must remember those hot crisis events - JD's founder Liu Qiangdong was arrested in the United States; Yu Minhong's sexist remarks in his speech; Didi female passengers were killed; United Airlines throws passengers off the plane; 'Red, Yellow and Blue Kindergarten' child abuse incident; Ctrip Parent-child incident; Dongfeng Honda "machine throttle" incident; Baidu Li Yanhong's love affair rumor; HaiDiLao mouse incident … These events seriously damaged the reputation of the company and even pushed the enterprise to the edge of death. Many brands have been retreating in a crisis, again and again. They have not turned the crisis into opportunities. Instead, they have put the enterprises into a more dangerous situation. Why? When the annual ‘315 World Consumer Rights Day’ arrives, many public relations and corporate managers will spend many sleepless nights. Instead of being anxious, it is better to improve daily crisis management, early warning systems and master coping skills for corporate communicators and public relations professionals. Crisis public relations is the advanced management ability of public relations. It requires the communicators and public relations personnel to grow rapidly in internal game process and external communication. It is necessary to train soft power, enhance leadership and influence both inside and outside. Crisis public relations is an unique ability with high comprehensive requirements. That’s why we launch this training "Crisis Management Training Camp (Crisis Public Relations)".
May 23, 2019 Shanghai ¥5,900.00

Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Risk Management

Procurement and supply management professionals recognize the need to produce dramatic results in an increasingly complex business environment. This is especially true in these challenging economic times, and necessitates a truly STRATEGIC approach to what was traditionally a transactional procurement function. Truly progressive organizations worldwide have been able to transition from a transactional role to become a strategic sourcing instrument of the organization, which reduces costs, while increasing both efficiency and effectiveness. Such a strategic transition must concurrently address the critical aspects of supply chain risk identification and management. Progressive organizations must therefore establish the strategic capabilities created by both strategic sourcing and active management of supply chain risk to assure an optimized supply chain.
May 28 - 29, 2019 Minneapolis $2,295.00

Finance for the Supply Management Professional

There is one area of business that every Supply Management Professional wants more information on & understanding of: Finance. This 2-day program provides you all the tools you need to confidently deal with your finance staff. From terminology to best practices to examples to hands-on practice, this course has it all.
May 28 - 29, 2019 Minneapolis $2,095.00

Resisting Price Increases and Implementing Cost Improvement Initiatives

Cost Improvements Initiatives, when properly implemented, have resulted in dramatic reductions in cost and significant improvements in productivity across the entire organization. As in all initiatives,success is dependent not only on an awareness of the potential opportunities, but more importantly the knowledgeable implementation of the ideas, processes, and techniques that should be utilized. This seminar focuses on Resisting Price Increases and Cost Improvement Initiatives and the many savings methods that have been used to reduce cost over the life of the product or service and across the entire supply chain.
May 28 - 29, 2019 Minneapolis $1,895.00

Cost Price Analysis the Way to Greater Savings in Negotiations

Managing and reducing cost continues to be one of the primary focal points of business and governments today. In many organizations, more than half of the total revenue is spent on goods and services—everything from raw material to overnight mail. Maintaining a competitive position and even survival will depend on the organizations ability to use all of the continuous improvement strategies which have been developed to reduce cost across the entire supply chain for the life of the product or service. Fundamental to developing and implementing these strategies is knowledge of Cost/Price Analysis, Supplier Pricing Models, Economic Price Adjustments, Cost-Volume relationships, and developing “Should Costs for parts and services.
May 30 - 31, 2019 Minneapolis $1,895.00

Price & Cost Analysis

Do you know if you are buying sharp or selling smart? Do you know if you reduce purchasing cost by 2%, you need to increase sales by 10% to be equal! Everyday doing cost reduction work; Purchasing period getting shorter, Purchasing volume getting smaller; Raw material price continue to increase, but delivery time continue to get longer. Fierce competition in the market required company to supply with better products, that is why buyers required to purchase with the lowest price to support the company to reduce total product cost. Every minute, buyers are facing pressure from continuity of cost reduction. Facing fierce Supply Market changes, what different cost and price analysis tools can buyer use to effectively manage and control material cost, to largely improve company’s product competition in the market and becoming one of the company’s strategy as a value added element. These are all the challenges that all buyers have to face. ·What is Price Analysis? What are the methodologies in Price Analysis? ·What is Cost Analysis? What are the methodologies in Cost Analysis? ·On what bases do you use Price Analysis? When do you use Cost Analysis? ·How do you use an effective Cost/Price Analysis and strategies in your company?
June 3 - 4, 2019 Shanghai ¥7,780.00

Financial Knowledge for Non-Financial Professionals

Having a solid understanding of income statements and balance sheets is no longer just the domain of the CFO or controller. All functional leaders,regardless of their area of focus, benefit from understanding these financial tools. Finance and Accounting for the Non-Financial Manager is designed to give you the foundational knowledge and the tools to be a more informed business leader who can weigh financial risks and costs when evaluating strategy and driving new initiatives. Emphasizing the importance of gaining a big-picture perspective by analyzing qualitative questions about a business, the program offers instructional case studies featuring real business scenarios and daily financial practice applications to enhance the learning experience. Throughout the finance and accounting program, participant interaction and discussion lead to a rich classroom experience. In sum, this program provides managers with a better grounding in finance-driven decision-making. The finance and accounting instruments allow participants to better evaluate their firms growth, profitability, investment for the future, and debt exposure.
June 4, 2019 Shanghai ¥4,780.00

Demand Driven Planner (DDP)™ Program

June 4 - 5, 2019 Hongkong HKD16,800.00