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Chinese Course  Interpretation of New Customs Policy and Royalties for Customs Clearance under New Situation

International and domestic economic situation in 2018 is still uncertain. While the integration of customs clearance speeds up, the risk of daily custom affairs delays, and the customs inspection is greatly strengthened and deepened. With the deepening of the customs reform, the customs inspection team will pay much more attention to the enterprise department such as logistics, production, finance, import and export documents and audit. As a result, many improper situations such as business violations, illegal, smuggling will be surfaced one by one.
In 2018 Bureau of Customs will increase comprehensive supervision efforts in the reform of "price of three confirmation" of the 2016 declaration form. In addition, the royalties are the huge amount of money that the majority of multinationals pay more frequently. In recent years, the Customs and Excise Department is paying special attention to such non-trade-related transactions so that the enterprises are assessed more often and pay off the cost of related tax.
The training will be aimed at the above background. China is currently under way for the integration of customs clearance reform, deep interpretation of new policies such as step-by-step report, single window construction, and deep analysis of customs inspection points and weak points in organization from the perspective of customs and enterprises. Furthermore, this training is combined with the typical case of the industry to help participants understand if the royalties paid by the enterprise and the customs are related to the legal basis, and to improve the level of corporate trade compliance, reduce business costs and risks.
- Study the current national customs clearance reform and other related reform measures
- Understand the changes in customs reform and the concept of customs enforcement
- Know about the key points of customs audit and the "bottom line"
- Understand the current national tax audit background, characteristics
- Learn to pre-assess and prevent relevant customs business risks that may be involved in business activities
- Actively respond and solve various problems of enterprises involved in customs issues
- Fully understand the legal provisions of royalties in the current "trial price" law
- Make full use of these rules to reduce the corresponding risk and business costs, and to facilitate customs clearance