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Chinese Course  Excellent Warehouse Management and Material Distribution

So far, the Logistics department of manufacturing enterprise are facing several challenges, such as low accuracy of demand forecast, the high speed of technology updating, the frequent change of BOM, low accuracy of sales forecast, capacity constraints. These lead to other problems, such as the frequent changes in production plans; the high difficulty to make material plan; supplier supply is not timely or unmatched; either the backlog of the material, or the shortage; the warehousing conditions are limited; the procedures for are not standardized; ERP data are not accurate; accounting items are not consistent;labor shortages, low operation efficiency, high logistics management costs and etc. Improving warehouse efficiency management and carrying out material distribution have become a crucial way to reduce the logistics cost.
In this training, mass storage and distribution consulting video case analysis and five real cases will show the latest management technology and methods of efficient warehousing and material distribution, and provide an operable solution for the rapid upgrading of warehousing and distribution management level.
  • BY: Fuchs, Warehouse Supervisor


  • BY: Alltech, Inventory Coordinator


  • BY: Coherent, Logistics planner