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English Course  Effective Relationships with Third Party Logistics Providers

Most organizations sell or use inventory. Often the predictable availability and dependable delivery of this material to the end user is critical to success or even survival of your company. Is it best for your management to control all aspects of acquiring inventory, fulfilling orders and delivering products to your customers? Or should you work with a partner in accomplishing these vital services. In this two-day session, we will discuss and explore:
• Identifying your organization's core competencies and what you might consider outsourcing
• The difference between a 1PL, 2PL, 3PL, 4PL and 5PL service provider
• The possible advantages of outsourcing
• The possible disadvantages of outsourcing
• The difference between asset-based on non-asset based service providers
• How to determine the best service provider to partner with your organization
• Making the use of a service provider transparent to your customers
• Different ways service providers charge for services and determining what is best in your unique situation
• Negotiating a contract with your service provider
• Setting goals and standards of service
• Monitoring the performance of your program
• Deciding when to continue, expand or discontinue a program
  • BY: Ultradent Products, Warehouse & Shipping Manager

    Very knowledgeable and good speaker.

  • BY: Emerson, Sr. Logistics Analyst

    Lots of really good information that can be learned.

  • BY: Ultradent Products, Warehouse & Shipping Manager

    Very good content. I will be able to know what I learned immediately