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English Course  Procurement Success Summit 2019: Asia

Growing in the Age of Risk and Leading with Digital Transformation

China's economy growth is slowing down, and the increment is limited. Enterprises are transforming into producing high-value product. Procurement is shifting focus to strategic cost management and value chain optimization. The globalization of supply chain is increasing. In the face of trade wars, the loss of cost advantage, and the relocation of supplier networks, procurement need to make flexible adjustments in a short time. Digitization is changing the traditional business model and industry situation.Chinese consumers are upgrading their consumption habits, which is accelerating the journey to consumer-driven supply chain. That gives a strong push towards procurement specialization and focus on service. Enterprises must keep flexible and efficient in this increasingly competitive world.
· The Strategic Role of Procurement and Aligning Business Priorities
· Enhance Cost Reduction and Optimization
· Strategic Sourcing at the Global Scale
· Application of Digital Procurement like AI, Cloud Services, Big Data, Block Chain
· E-Procurement
· Risk Management under Circumstances of Trade Disputes, Rising Geopolitical Factors and Increasing Nature Disasters
· Supply Chain Transparency in Information and Process
· Implementing a Scorecard to Measure your Performance
· Leadership and Team Building in Cross-Functional Team
· New Members to Grow – Meet with the Millennial
· Moving Forward to 2025 – Procurement Future