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Chinese Course  Crisis Public Relations Management in the Social Media Era

Looking back 2018, you must remember those hot crisis events -
JD's founder Liu Qiangdong was arrested in the United States;
Yu Minhong's sexist remarks in his speech;
Didi female passengers were killed;
United Airlines throws passengers off the plane;
'Red, Yellow and Blue Kindergarten' child abuse incident;
Ctrip Parent-child incident;
Dongfeng Honda "machine throttle" incident;
Baidu Li Yanhong's love affair rumor;
HaiDiLao mouse incident …

These events seriously damaged the reputation of the company and even pushed the enterprise to the edge of death. Many brands have been retreating in a crisis, again and again. They have not turned the crisis into opportunities. Instead, they have put the enterprises into a more dangerous situation. Why?
When the annual ‘315 World Consumer Rights Day’ arrives, many public relations and corporate managers will spend many sleepless nights. Instead of being anxious, it is better to improve daily crisis management, early warning systems and master coping skills for corporate communicators and public relations professionals.
Crisis public relations is the advanced management ability of public relations. It requires the communicators and public relations personnel to grow rapidly in internal game process and external communication. It is necessary to train soft power, enhance leadership and influence both inside and outside. Crisis public relations is an unique ability with high comprehensive requirements. That’s why we launch this training "Crisis Management Training Camp (Crisis Public Relations)".

-How should the internal and external communication of the crisis in the social media era be carried out?
-How to manage the three lines of gold in the crisis (fact line, emotional line and position line)?
-What kind of crisis should apologize, who will apologize in the name, and at what time to apologize, what is the difference between the two?
-How should the government respond? How to explain to customers? How to answer questions about the media? What is the nature of this problem? Why is this problem? What do you say to employees? Every day, the customer’s interests are first, the quality is strictly checked, what is going on this time?