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Chinese Course  AEO Corporate Customs Risk Management and Establishment of Internal Audit Mechanism

Enterprise credit management measures have come into operation since May 1st, 2018. More enterprises get recertification as AEO. Meanwhile, according to the customs, AEO enterprise will be re-certified every 3 years. Generally speaking, enterprises re-authenticate from time to time to ensure daily import and
export business go on well, which is an extremely difficult task.
What measures should be done to ensure your business comply with customs supervision requirements? How to make self-audit to protect you from being punished for violating the law? How to lower the knock-on effect causing from "Carelessness"? How collaboration between import and export business with departments truly meet the requirements of AEO certification? ... All the questions could be summed up to customs risk management and the establishment of internal audit system.
Based on the AEO requirement and typical cases of related industries, the training will provide the practical solutions to prevent, audit and control customs risk.
1. Having a general understanding of operating structure and regulatory focus after customs clearance integration and CIQ combination with customs. Learn how to contact efficiently with customs officer.
2. Investigating related sections about import and export operations according to operating standards and lower the customs risk.
3. Discussing customs risk compliance, the possibilities and implementing plans of internal audit system establishment according to enterprise operation and department collaboration.
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