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Chinese Course  Supplier Management & Operational Management

Price, Service, Quality? Which one is the prime consideration when executing vendor selection?
Cost Reduction, is it difficult to negotiate with suppliers?
How to motivate suppliers without giving attractive purchasing order quantity?
How to become the VIP customer?
Quantity of the suppliers? How many is the suitable number for the supply?
How to determine the length of the business contract, does the same length contract apply for all suppliers?
Are you able to understand all the cost details in the quotation?
Do we have any tools that can easily find out the unreasonable price on the quotation?
How to increase the Supplier Power and become a more professional supply chain expert
This course is developed supplier management skills for purchasing professionals. The course aims to help purchasing and supply chain professionals to enhance the knowledge of all details and improve work capability through price / cost / vendor selection / supply market analysis case sharing and discussion. The service concept and confidence level of participants will be largely improved during knowledge sharing.