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Chinese Course  Price Negotiation Based on Cost Analysis

Is there any trick hiding in the supplier’s quotation?
Are there any further ideas to reduce the price?
What are the methods to use to convince the supplier for price negotiations who declared losing money in their business?
Everyday working on cost reduction work; Purchasing period getting shorter, Purchasing volume getting
smaller; Raw material price continue to increase, but delivery time continue to get longer. The market
required company to supply with better products, that is why buyers required to purchase with the
lowest price to support the company to reduce total product cost. Every minute, buyers are facing
pressure from continuity of cost reduction.
Facing fierce Supply Market changes, how to understand supplier's quotation? How to achieve the cost
reduction through the supplier negotiation?
These are all the challenges that all buyers have to face.
·What is Price Analysis? What are the methodologies in Price Analysis?
·What is Cost Analysis? What are the methodologies in Cost Analysis?
·How do quickly find out the tricky points in the quotation?
·How to motivate supplier to support the cost reduction project?
·How to be a successful negotiator during the business meeting?
·What will be the strategy to leading the price negotiation?
·How to increase supplier power and easily achieve company cost reduction target!
·Learn different price and cost analysis concepts and fundamental tools, so that students can read and understand supplier pricing quotation
·Learn different price reduction and cost control methods.
Get used to use those tools during the business negotiation and finally achieve the cost reduction targets.