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Chinese Course  Customs Management When Facing Sino-US Trade Friction

A number of national customs reforms were carried out and a number of legal documents were issued. How to profoundly understand the regulatory intentions of government departments and effectively use the reform dividends.
With the intensification of trade friction between China and the United States, the impact of the subsequent sanctions of the two countries has become increasingly prominent. The trade compliance management of multinational corporations has once again been challenged.
1. Master the latest policies and new developments issued by the Customs, so that enterprises can fully understand and maximize the benefits of the reform;
2. Authoritatively interprete of the Sino-US trade friction on the import and export business of multinational corporations, and provide suggestions on the development and path selection of commercial activities of multinational corporations in this context;
3. Put forward new requirements for the precise management of customs affairs of multinational corporations under the new situation,
and provide effective support for the establishment of a matching trade compliance management framework system.