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Chinese Course  Best New Media Marketing Strategies in B2B Business

Most B2B companies are facing a series of dilemmas in new media marketing: lack of expert diagnosis and direction guidance; lack of systematic new media operation strategy guidance; lack of professional operators in the vertical field. This series of dilemmas has led to the loss of corporate strategic position in digital marketing.

The premise of a company's new media strategy is to realize that the new media brings about changes in the entire communication environment, and this communication environment has changed the way of decision making and purchasing. How to adapt to the trend of the times, use of new media to spread the environment, and enhance the brand power and sales force of the enterprise is core topics of this course.

The course is divided into 4 major themes and 8 modules. Under the guidance of solid marketing theory, combined with the in-depth analysis of 40 cases in China and abroad, B2B enterprise new media strategies are deconstructed in a combination of presentation and case study discussion. This course adopts a light consultation model. The lecturer will conduct research on the attending companies before the class, and give targeted advice in the course.
1. Combine the overall view and underlying logic of new media marketing in B2B business.
2. Help attendees to develop brand strategies and strategies in a new media communication environment.
3. Master the user insight method and marketing creative logic in the new media communication environment.
4. Effectively assist enterprises to formulate new media content strategies and communication strategies.
5. Understand the brand public relations rules and crisis public relations processing methods under the new media environment
6. Know how to use new media to increase brand power and product sales.
7. Help new media operators master the new media team building rules and operations management methods.