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Chinese Course  Financial Knowledge for Marketers: Budget Management, Analysis of Operational Data and Financial Data

Marketing is the front line of enterprise value creation. Budget control / forecasting ability and financial knowledge is essential knowledge for every marketing and sales professional.

The course provides attendees with visual EXCEL data model and actual simulation data. Attendees can learn about the relationship between the data from different departments and the financial performance of the company, via vivid actual combat environment. This tool can also be used directly in the future daily work.

During the course, attendees are divided into different business analysis groups. Some are operation analysis groups, some are decision analysis groups, and some are business performance analysis groups. In the meanwhile trainer will share his rich operational management and analysis experience.
• Master basic financial knowledge and read common financial statements
• Master the four types of indicators for financial analysis and their implications
• Pricing strategy and competition analysis
• How to develop a sales budget and different forecasting techniques
• Formulation and execution of sales financial budget
• Deviation analysis and improvement of budget and execution
• Sales performance analysis
• Simulation of decision scenarios through EXCEL dynamic models and use of dynamic models in real work