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Chinese Course  Customs Clearance Best Practice and Cost Control Strategy

With continuous deepening reform of national customs clearance integration, the import & export customs clearance management becomes increasingly professional, elaborate and normative. This requires enterprises to enhance customs clearance ability and related "soft-power". How to make autonomous declaration and pay taxes and fees timely are hot topics among enterprises. Meanwhile, penalties by government and customs inspection are much heavier. Global economy keeps gloom and Sino-us trade frictions continue to escalate.All above will add uncertainty and related operating costs to customs affairs of foreign enterprises.
How to adapt to the reforms of China Customs, CIQ and other relevant government departments and how to manage the customs affairs effectively in enterprise business activities? Many multi-national enterprises, especially those who have experienced customs inspection or penalty attach great importance to this questions. Setting in this background, the training will conduct a comprehensive analysis to customs affairs arrangement and operation combined with typical cases. In addition, it will analyze the essence in customs affairs management, scan the blind areas of daily operation, and provide practical and effective customs lean management and cost control optimization strategy.
1.Have a basic understanding of import & export customs clearance, customs administration,national customs clearance integration reform/ cooperation between inspection and quarantine department and foreign trade market access/exit.
2.Learn the process of customs clearance after the national integration, standardizing customs affairs management in daily business activities, improving customs clearance efficiency and reducing customs clearance cost.
3.Master the technical factors which affect customs affairs operation as well as customs clearance efficiency and cost. Making good use of these technical operation strategy to maximize the economic profits of enterprises.
4.Fully understand relevant laws and regulations newly enacted by the customs, take effective use of them to lower cost and improve the facilitation of customs clearance.