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Chinese Course  Manufacturing Lean Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Manufacturing enterprises are facing many challenges such as low accuracy of demand forecast, uncertainty and changeable customer's requirements, fast updating technology, difficult production planning and inventory control, hard production-marketing Coordination, long supply period, unstable quality, poor cross-functional cooperation which lead to delivery delay, overstock or out of stock. With several case studies and games, this training will help participants to improve their understanding of the importance of coordination, system optimization and resource integration under the supply chain environment, explore how to build an efficient supply chain management system, improve cross-functional collaboration, reduce procurement and logistics costs and improve rapid response capabilities, how to effectively control inventory, speed up inventory turnover, how to determine the economic procurement bulk. Through beer games, participants will explore how to avoid the "bullwhip effect" demand amplification Risks brought by purchasing, how to strengthen the management of supplier delivery, how to implement continuous improvement of warehouse management; how to implement efficient material distribution, how to monitor and evaluate logistics suppliers, prevent logistics outsourcing risks, reduce inventory and improve customer demand rapid response capability.