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Chinese Course  Integrating Content Marketing and Sales Growth

As digitalization as a global trend, most enterprises have embarked on the road of digital revolution. In this process of digitization, social media has become main communication. Companies successively opened WeChat public accounts, Weibo blue v, organization accounts on Zhihu and the TikTok enterprise account that started popular in 2019.
As the media has changed, so has the content. How to win media, traffic and free resources? Content is the most important means. A strong content marketing team can let the enterprise to break through the product and marketing pattern, to win the marketing competitive advantage. This is the core of "content is king". In 2020, enterprises are demanding more content, not just for traffic, but growth.
So, how to build the content marketing team? How to develop the content marketing strategy of the enterprise? How to deliver the content on different media? How to use the content to stick with customers and promote growth? How to improve the conversion of old users through content? These practical issues are the key issues of this course.
This course will draw a complete content marketing battle map for the enterprise. From the strategic level, this training will focus on content marketing and user communication skills for new media operators. From the tactical level, we explain the methods of community marketing and private flow. From the perspective of implementation, it could help enterprises integrate new media marketing and content marketing to gain new customers and promote growth.
✔ Analyze content marketing platforms to help attendees to understand the social media environment at home and abroad.
✔ Combine domestic and international brand cases and share integrated communication and social marketing campaign.
✔ Help companies build an iron army of content marketing, share methods of content management, improve enterprise efficiency of content marketing.
✔ Help attendees master WeChat guest marketing methods, build enterprise private domain flow pool.
✔ Integrate "marketing" and "sales" and build content to be a powerful sales tool for the enterprise.