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Chinese Course  Strategic Procurement Management

What is the mission of the purchasing & supply chain professionals? Ensuring supply and continuing supply are the main purposes of every purchasing and supplying staff. But behind the busy and busy workday after day, is there any reef hidden in it? Each cooperative department has different requirements, the lowest price, the best quality, the best service, the least inventory, the lowest risk and so on. Can all this really be achieved? Strategic procurement requires us to looking forward to the overall situation of the new integrated company, setting up purchasing objectives scientifically, building purchasing team, selecting suppliers, avoiding supply chain risks through effective tools, and ultimately building a strategic professional purchasing supply chain platform.
Different Requirements of Strategic Procurement for Purchasing Personnel:
-How to use Kraljic Matrix to allocate purchasing performance objectives and purchasing personnel resources reasonably?
-Supply Power - How to let suppliers listen to you!
-Number of Suppliers VS Supplier Power
-Knowledge Elements of Successful Purchasers
-Supplier Screening/Supplier Overall Management
-Management of Purchasing Channel: Direct Purchase VS Distributor Agent
-The Foundation of Strategic Procurement - Understanding the Supplier's Quotation System
-The Necessary Knowledge Element for Successful Purchasers-Price and Cost Analysis
-The Key of Strategic Procurement-Risk Analysis and Avoidance
-Can we make corresponding countermeasures for the occurrence of forward-looking anticipated risks?
-How many potential risks are there in the supply chain?
-Does the modern purchasing strategy bring new risks to the purchasing supply chain?
-Supplier relationship management
-How to be a better customer
-Enterprise Purchasing Strategy
Strategic purchasing management course helps purchasing team to make forward-looking material strategic planning, improve overall purchasing performance, improve supplier resources and achieve a win-win situation. Systematic learning risk aversion is also a new requirement of modern enterprises for the strategic height of purchasing management. This course combines industry case analysis and appropriate tools to enable participants to make a positive understanding of strategic procurement management in a relatively short time.