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Chinese Course  Strategic Sourcing Plus - Categories of Procurement & Key Commodity Management

Nowadays, outstanding procurement business not only have to protect present mass production, but also strongly support enterprises to exploit and invest into new products constantly. Thus, procurement department’s duty is becoming more and more complex and difficult, which requires procurement department’s organization structure to be optimized continuously and the staff to keep studying and improve their skills to deal with all kinds of challenges successfully.
However, in practical work, enterprises often meet with many challenges:
-What is procurement commodity management? How can it increase benefits?
-How to sort out potential opportunities in different kinds of procurement categories, place them orderly and equip relevant resources?
-Will the ways to manage procurement category have a bright future?
-Having a better understanding of the emphasis of business requirements and the trend of the supply market
-Learning considerable soft (entire supply management, cross-department cooperation) and hard (supply chain risk reduction, competitive advantages) returns
-Have a good command of commodity categories and learn how to choose proper strategy for supplier relationship management