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Chinese Course  How to Improve Learning Capacity in the Workplace

What Challenges are management facing with?
-Pressure comes from all directions, and risks lie everywhere.
-Lack of experience, slow learning, constant setbacks in business innovation, and repeated failures in business analysis.
-Desire to improve self-leadership, but never find an effective way.
-Want to have enough background to influence the team, but always end in failure due to the lack of self-reserves.
-Possessing leadership neither means “the cleverest person present”, nor being able to make everything right. Leadership refers to managers who are open to pressure, risks and challenges, willing to explore and learn from complex situations, and able to act on key information and accept new challenges.
-Master how to establish learning goals accurately, and search information efficiently
-Master dealing with information like “consultant”, making what you learn logical and structured to form a knowledge model
-Master putting the “knowledge model” into practice and forming core ideas through the “knowledge model”
-Master how to output learning results effectively, learn how to accept effective feedback and iterate learning system continuously