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Chinese Course  Supplier Selection Strategy, Evaluation and Value Management

 Nowadays, the pressure of global competition and the risk of supply chain are tremendous. To meet the demand of the supply chain in time, enterprises choose to transform from traditional passive procurement to active strategic procurement. However, during the transition, enterprises always meet with all kinds of difficulties. Thus, procurement staff start to explore how to establish good relationships with suppliers to cope with those difficulties. In practical work, enterprises and procurement staff often meet with some problems, such as: How to carry out the strategies chosen by the suppliers? How should suppliers screen the key cores and flows more efficiently? How to balance the relationship with suppliers and performance?
-Understand the best practice of global procurement operation pattern: front, middle, back desk 3X8=24 key structures
-Learn procurement data, model analysis and have command of key ideas of procurement strategies
-Learn the ten steps in the process of identifying, selecting, evaluating, and managing suppliers systematically and comprehensively
-Master the strategy formulation and execution points of SRM (Supplier Relationship Management)