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Chinese Course  WeChat Customer Acquisition and Online Marketing

In 2020, after the outbreak of COVID-19, the real economy was severely shocked by the epidemic, and enterprises were forced to find new customers and business increase through online business.

Private traffic, short video and live streaming become the focus of this transformation. WeChat is classified to private traffic. In the past five years, WeChat, as the largest social media platform in China, has not only changed people's lifestyle, but also become an important communication channel for enterprises. Since 2019, new brands such as Perfect Diary and Saturnbird Coffee have achieved a breakthrough in private traffic through WeChat business, creating a myth of 100 million level growth.

How to realize private traffic business through WeChat? Three steps. First, complete the social transformation of the brand; Second, help employees to build an influential IP; Third, establish a highly sticky community or membership club. The essence of private traffic operation is user privatization and IP operation. On this basis, can realization and growth come true.
-Master methods of personal brand management to help enterprises establish diversified individual brands.
-Learn about WeChat practical marketing experience to solve the problem of how to use WeChat to gain customers and clinch a deal.
-Help enterprises build a highly sticky community and achieve community realization.
-Help enterprises develop long-term content strategies to energize online marketing.