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English Course  Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Risk Management

Procurement and supply management professionals recognize the need to produce dramatic results in an increasingly complex business environment. This is especially true in these challenging economic times, and necessitates a truly STRATEGIC approach to what was traditionally a transactional procurement function. Truly progressive organizations worldwide have been able to transition from a transactional role to become a strategic sourcing instrument of the organization, which reduces costs, while increasing both efficiency and effectiveness. Such a strategic transition must concurrently address the critical aspects of supply chain risk identification and management. Progressive organizations must therefore establish the strategic capabilities created by both strategic sourcing and active management of supply chain risk to assure an optimized supply chain.
•Clear understanding of the attributes of successful Strategic Sourcing programs
•Comprehensive assessment of each attribute and how to create such attributes
•Understand the various sourcing strategies which are available in most organizations
•Utilize the critical role of spend analysis to develop the right sourcing strategy
•Study the steps required to implement the appropriate sourcing strategy
•Examination of the role which “internal negotiations” play in strategic supply management
•Evaluate the role of supplier negotiations in effective Strategic Sourcing programs
•Recognize the elements of effective Supply Chain Risk Management processes
•How to identify the single most significant risk in ALL Supply Chains
•Develop Supply Chain Risk Mitigation plans to avoid FUTURE risks in the supply chain
  • BY: Lockheed Martin, Director of Sourcing

    This seminar is not like other seminars; it provided comprehensive tools to implement directly into our workplace

  • BY: Windstream International, Procurement Director

    The workshop provided a methodology and process which were useful in redesigning our sourcing organization

  • BY: Westinghouse Energy Services, Purchasing Manager

    . . . fast-paced, comprehensive seminar which created a practical way to manage the unavoidable risks in our complex supply chain