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Chinese Course  Leadership Development Workshop

With the continuous development of enterprises, the role played by middle and senior management personnel has become more and more important. The quality and management level of middle and senior management teams are directly related to the execution of enterprises and to the survival and development of enterprises. When the scale of the enterprise is gradually expanding or the enterprise is stagnant, it is necessary to rapidly improve the management ability of the middle and senior management personnel to drive the growth of the entire team.
This course will discuss how leaders can find the true meaning of leadership, how to motivate others to voluntarily make outstanding achievements in the organization, how to turn ideas into actions through practical actions, turn vision into reality, and turn obstacles into innovation. We will discuss the need for leaders to create an atmosphere that motivates team members to seize challenging opportunities and achieve extraordinary success.
Know the responsibilities, mission and challenges of the team manager
Understand the qualities and abilities required to be a good manager
Master negotiation skills, improve team control and coordination between departments
Master situational leadership theory and use different leadership styles for different types of employees
Learn the theory and methods of motivation, and adopt appropriate incentive methods for different employees.
Learn objective performance assessments and interviews with employees to help employees develop improvement plans
Improve the ability of effective authorization, let employees and managers act together to improve team combat capability
Master the basic skills of developing and managing employees, and improve employee performance through coaching
Enhance personal leadership and expand personal influence