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inhouse training

Customs Risk Management and Foreign Trade Compliance

Nowadays, China Customs' supervision becomes increasingly intensive. Supporting measures follow one by one after customs clearance integration. More and more enterprises are punished due to touching the bottom line of related laws. It becomes an unprecedented challenge for companies to make efficient customs clearance and compliance management. For managers and related colleagues,how to prevent and control the risk of the customs affairs is now such an important problem that must be positively faced. How to meet the customs' supervision requirements and avoid against the law? How to reduce the butterfly effect of a mistake owing to carelessness? In addition, are your tax number,price/royalties, internal control and other sides being questioned by customs and do you know what's behind? Moreover, do you have the experience that the goods arrive without informed so that you are required to take the legal responsibility? There are so many problems like that and all of them are up to the efficient solutions to the prevention and control of customs affairs' risk. Setting in this background, the training will give some ways to help check the customs affairs' risk combined with typical cases. And effective solutions will be carried out as well.
August 27 - 28, 2020 Shanghai ¥6,780.00

Cost Price Analysis the Way to Greater Savings in Negotiations

Managing and reducing cost continues to be one of the primary focal points of business and governments today. In many organizations, more than half of the total revenue is spent on goods and services—everything from raw material to overnight mail. Maintaining a competitive position and even survival will depend on the organizations ability to use all of the continuous improvement strategies which have been developed to reduce cost across the entire supply chain for the life of the product or service. Fundamental to developing and implementing these strategies is knowledge of Cost/Price Analysis, Supplier Pricing Models, Economic Price Adjustments, Cost-Volume relationships, and developing “Should Costs for parts and services.
September 1 - 2, 2020 Chicago $1,595.00

Seven Steps Strategic Sourcing

The development and implementation of carefully crafted strategies for the acquisition of all goods, equipment, materials, and services have become a critical issue in all organizations wishing to reduce operating cost while improving quality and productivity. This program explores seven key areas considered critical to the future success of Procurement Organizations and moves today's supply management activities from its typical tactical focus to the strategic focus needed to successfully implement the processes and methods needed to reach world-class performance now and maintain it in the future.
September 3 - 4, 2020 Chicago $1,595.00

Customs Clearance Best Practice and Cost Control Strategy

With continuous deepening reform of national customs clearance integration, the import & export customs clearance management becomes increasingly professional, elaborate and normative. This requires enterprises to enhance customs clearance ability and related "soft-power". How to make autonomous declaration and pay taxes and fees timely are hot topics among enterprises. Meanwhile, penalties by government and customs inspection are much heavier. Global economy keeps gloom and Sino-us trade frictions continue to escalate.All above will add uncertainty and related operating costs to customs affairs of foreign enterprises. How to adapt to the reforms of China Customs, CIQ and other relevant government departments and how to manage the customs affairs effectively in enterprise business activities? Many multi-national enterprises, especially those who have experienced customs inspection or penalty attach great importance to this questions. Setting in this background, the training will conduct a comprehensive analysis to customs affairs arrangement and operation combined with typical cases. In addition, it will analyze the essence in customs affairs management, scan the blind areas of daily operation, and provide practical and effective customs lean management and cost control optimization strategy.
September 3 - 4, 2020 Shanghai ¥6,780.00

LEGO Innovation Thinking Workshop

LEGO ® Innovative Thinking Workshop is based on "constructivism" and "learning by making" methods. How to achieve breakthroughs and innovations with playing Lego bricks? It is a comprehensive systematic method and technique for solving business problems, creative thinking and effective communication. It embodies personal insight, team cognition and group wisdom, and also quickly obtains visual results.
September 11, 2020 Shanghai ¥4,780.00

Resisting Price Increases and Implementing Cost Improvement Initiatives

Cost Improvements Initiatives, when properly implemented, have resulted in dramatic reductions in cost and significant improvements in productivity across the entire organization. As in all initiatives,success is dependent not only on an awareness of the potential opportunities, but more importantly the knowledgeable implementation of the ideas,processes, and techniques that should be utilized. This seminar focuses on Resisting Price Increases and Cost Improvement Initiatives and the many savings methods that have been used to reduce cost over the life of the product or service and across the entire supply chain.
September 15 - 16, 2020 Dallas $1,595.00

Core Skills for Planning Manager

Planning managers always have many thankless tasks because they need to face both sides of sales department and production department as well. In addition, they must ensure punctual delivery and production efficiency while cutting inventory. Everything turn out to be badly battered and they don't know how to start.The followings are the key challenges what a planning manager must meet and conquer.
September 28 - 29, 2020 Shanghai ¥6,780.00

Ways to Greater Procurement Savings

Executive Management has increased its dependency on Supply Management to be a major source of improving the bottom line. As a result, a vast majority of CPOs see Cost Reduction as their top business strategy. Savings Initiatives, when properly implemented, have resulted in dramatic reductions in cost and significant improvements in productivity across the entire organization. As in all initiatives, success is dependent not only on an awareness of the potential opportunities, but more importantly, the knowledgeable implementation of the ideas, processes, and techniques that should be utilized. This seminar focuses on the many savings methods for both Direct and Indirect organizational spending that have been used to reduce cost, resist price increases, and increase the stature of the supply management function and those in it.
October 27 - 29, 2020 Dallas $2,095.00

Supplier Relationship Management for Collaboration, Impact and Business Success

Continuous improvement in all aspects of the supply chain is necessary to remain competitive in today's global economy. The traditional adversarial relationship and transactional focus of buyers and suppliers cannot meet this demand for continuous improvement in lead-time, quality, and overall supplier performance. As a result, significant changes are occurring in the philosophies and approaches that define the relationship between purchasers and sellers in world-class organizations. Simply put, Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and collaboration provide an organizational focus on communicating with suppliers on the many steps of the Supply Management process. This focus reduces the lead-time, and total cost of acquisition, transportation, administration, and possession of goods and services for the benefit of both the buyer and seller and as a result provides a competitive advantage and improved profits.
November 3 - 4, 2020 Shanghai ¥7,780.00

Analytical Techniques for Enhancing Supply Management Performance

Supply Management is about buying the right thing, at the right time, at the right quality, at the right price, from the right supplier, in the right way. In order to do these steps “right” requires skill sets in many analytical techniques. This fast paced program covers many of the basic analytics that purchasing and contract personnel use to obtain maximum value for their organizations.
November 5 - 6, 2020 Shanghai ¥7,780.00