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inhouse training
APICS SCOR 12.0 - Professional Master Instructor-led Training (SCOR-p)

Major enhancements from SCOR 11.0 to 12.0 include: Processes: MAKE, DELIVER and ENABLE definitions updated to better align with the service industry and digital environment. ENABLE Supply Chain Procurement, sE10, developed in conjunction with procurement standards outlined by the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS). ENABLE Supply Chain Technology, sE11, developed to define, deploy, and manage technology enablement in the supply chain
January 15 - 17, 2020 Hongkong HKD27,000.00
APICS CLTD Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution

APICS CLTD - Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution. The APICS Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD) designation assess individuals based on a comprehensive body of knowledge, best practices and standards for those in the logistics, transportation and distribution industries.
February 7 - 12, 2020 Singapore $2,000.00

Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Relationship Management

Procurement and supply management professionals recognize the need to produce dramatic results in an increasingly complex business environment. This is especially true in these challenging economic times, and necessitates a truly STRATE-GIC approach to what was traditionally a transactional procurement function. Truly progressive organizations worldwide have been able to transition from a transactional role to become a strategic sourcing instrument of the organization, which reduces costs, while increasing both efficiency and effectiveness.Such a strategic transition must concurrently address the critical aspects of supplier management. Progressive organizations must therefore establish the strategic capabilities created by both strategic sourcing and active management of supplier risk to assure an optimized supply chain.
February 13 - 14, 2020 Dallas $1,595.00

Commodity Classification & Dispute Resolution

Commodity tax number is the focus of Customs' concern now. It is not only affecting the trade costs and customs clearance efficiency of enterprises, but also related to the loss of state tax and the implementation of trade policy. In the process of customs clearance or afterwards, sometimes the companies are always being questioned by the customs due to commodity tax number, which therefore causes the classification of the controversy and customs legal risk. And sometimes import tax rate, trade conditions or export tax rebate rates are often far from the expectations of the enterprise, due to wrong methods of import and export commodity classification.In the face of the various questions of the customs, what kind of attitude do you take, and what methods and means to deal with?In the context of the integration of customs clearance at the moment, the enterprise tax number is always being questioned, and then the risk of being taxed or punished is increasing. For the daily import and export trade management, it is particularly important to correctly understand the classification rules, maser the classification method, and the effective classification of the dispute response mechanism. This course will fully explain the classification of the rules and methods in the customs affairs and trade compliance framework. And combing with a number of typical cases, we will analysis the enterprise commodity tax number compliance management from different aspects, and put forward practical, effective and conducive solutions.
February 20 - 21, 2020 Shanghai ¥6,780.00

Effective Communication Skills

Being an effective communicator takes real skill. Communication skills have to be developed, honed and added to on an on-going basis. They are the heart of your interpersonal skills and the greater your awareness of how it all works, the more effective your communication will be. To be effective in business, you have to communicate well. To be a good manager, you have to communicate exceptionally well. We could write a book about the importance of communication key skills, but for now, we will start with some essentials for becoming a more effective communicator.
March 11 - 12, 2020 Shanghai ¥9,370.00

Financial Knowledge for Non-Financial Professionals

Having a solid understanding of income statements and balance sheets is no longer just the domain of the CFO or controller. All functional leaders,regardless of their area of focus, benefit from understanding these financial tools. Finance and Accounting for the Non-Financial Manager is designed to give you the foundational knowledge and the tools to be a more informed business leader who can weigh financial risks and costs when evaluating strategy and driving new initiatives. Emphasizing the importance of gaining a big-picture perspective by analyzing qualitative questions about a business, the program offers instructional case studies featuring real business scenarios and daily financial practice applications to enhance the learning experience. Throughout the finance and accounting program, participant interaction and discussion lead to a rich classroom experience. In sum, this program provides managers with a better grounding in finance-driven decision-making. The finance and accounting instruments allow participants to better evaluate their firms growth, profitability, investment for the future, and debt exposure.
March 13, 2020 Shanghai ¥3,780.00

Leadership in Supply Chain and Procurement

-All sessions are designed for multifunctional associates at all levels of the organization. -Deep understanding of the business environment of today and the value chain at all levels. -Leadership at the intersection of People, Technology and Innovation. -Collaboration and global communication models will be incorporated into real time case studies in Supply Chain and Procurement. -Best Practices across the value chain will be translated into leadership action.
March 19 - 20, 2020 Singapore $1,595.00

Customs Clearance Best Practice and Cost Control

With continuous deepening reform of national customs clearance integration, the import & export customs clearance management becomes increasingly professional, elaborate and normative. This requires enterprises to enhance customs clearance ability and related "soft-power". How to make autonomous declaration and pay taxes and fees timely are hot topics among enterprises. Meanwhile, penalties by government and customs inspection are much heavier. Global economy keeps gloom and Sino-us trade frictions continue to escalate.All above will add uncertainty and related operating costs to customs affairs of foreign enterprises. How to adapt to the reforms of China Customs, CIQ and other relevant government departments and how to manage the customs affairs effectively in enterprise business activities? Many multi-national enterprises, especially those who have experienced customs inspection or penalty attach great importance to this questions. Setting in this background, the training will conduct a comprehensive analysis to customs affairs arrangement and operation combined with typical cases. In addition, it will analyze the essence in customs affairs management, scan the blind areas of daily operation, and provide practical and effective customs lean management and cost control optimization strategy.
April 9 - 10, 2020 Shanghai ¥6,780.00

In-direct Material Purchase and Management

• What would you choose; solely buy from one or many service suppliers? How do you make purchase for a large service project or IT system? • Do you experience supporting In-direct materials purchase, which the material price is low but always an urgent request and continually giving troubles with quality and delivery? How can you improve the process? • Travel expenses are considerable high cost, how do you manage it reasonably? Would you buy or rent a car for company use? • In-direct buyers always got complained internally, how do you manage with your internal colleagues? • How can you improve the level of the in-direct purchase professionally? What is the measurement/ KPI for a world-class in-direct purchase? General Procurement/ In-direct Material Purchase generally means procurement of non-direct production materials. It is trivial, less systematic, and hard to control and that is why high purchasing costs are formed virtually. In recent years, many companies have paid much more attention on in-direct purchase management. Specialization and systematization are the basic requirements. This course will integrate practical skills and case studies to help attendees make positive contribution to cost reduction and system management of company in a short time.
April 20 - 21, 2020 Shanghai ¥5,780.00

Manufacturing Lean Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Manufacturing enterprises are facing many challenges such as low accuracy of demand forecast, uncertainty and changeable customer's requirements, fast updating technology, difficult production planning and inventory control, hard production-marketing Coordination, long supply period, unstable quality, poor cross-functional cooperation which lead to delivery delay, overstock or out of stock. With several case studies and games, this training will help participants to improve their understanding of the importance of coordination, system optimization and resource integration under the supply chain environment, explore how to build an efficient supply chain management system, improve cross-functional collaboration, reduce procurement and logistics costs and improve rapid response capabilities, how to effectively control inventory, speed up inventory turnover, how to determine the economic procurement bulk. Through beer games, participants will explore how to avoid the "bullwhip effect" demand amplification Risks brought by purchasing, how to strengthen the management of supplier delivery, how to implement continuous improvement of warehouse management; how to implement efficient material distribution, how to monitor and evaluate logistics suppliers, prevent logistics outsourcing risks, reduce inventory and improve customer demand rapid response capability.
April 23 - 24, 2020 Shanghai ¥6,780.00